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  1. This tool is limited to migrating only Version Control items, Work Items, and the links between them. Other portions of Team Projects are not migrated by this tool, including Reports, Team Build data, and Sharepoint content.
  2. Work Item IDs and Changeset numbers will not be preserved during migration. New IDs are assigned sequentially as items are migrated, so any references to these IDs will be invalid after migration. As work items and changesets are migrated, the links between those items will be migrated correctly, despite the ID changes.
  3. Timestamps on work item revisions and changesets will be updated to the time of migration. Any work item fields that store date time information will have their values correctly migrated, but the time of the revision will not be migrated. The most significant impact this has on a system is in reports that rely on a time dimension (i.e. Bug Trends, Code Churn). Because the migration typically occurs over a much shorter time span than the original operations, the time axis in such reports will effectively be compressed.

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