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TFS2010 Synchronization


We have established Synchronization between 2 TFS2010 Environments for Work Items and Source Code,
We have created the definition file for both,
For Work Items: We created a All Work Item team query with Exceptions to filter the Work Items to Sync.
For Source Code: We mapped folder to Sync to Target TFS Environment a All Work Item team query with exceptions to filter the work Items to Sync. and Synchronization is running from the last Six Months

1- Now we want to add more folders mapping to Sync source code and definition is read only to change for adding Folders for source code, However we can change Work Item Query for Sync.
2- There are number of conflicts occur while synchronization and we need to resolve them, For this we Add trigger on Conflicts table of Integration Platform DB to configure notification so we become aware of conflict and can resolve instantly as Integration Platform doesn't have any mechanism for notifications, But One thing which we can not monitor that are exception which pauses the Sync process and halts the service and we need to restart the service to start Sync again.

Please help us in this regard so we can smooth our sync process.



kolasubbareddy wrote Mar 30, 2013 at 4:38 PM

Hi Imran,

i am new guy of TFS 2010 , we have new requirement was same mentioned above article (TFS Synchronization), both are different domains and we are searched a lot blogs but no one blog not sharing any information, as seen your blog having good knowledge about TFS 2010 synchronization.

i am waiting your response , please share about TFS synch.


chandrashekar wrote Mar 30, 2013 at 7:06 PM

Hi Imran,

For your 2nd point: I too faced same problem but when ever it halted with conflict i have rsolved the conflict with rule and restarted the service agin, migration went well but i have lost history at item level for below conflicts
  1. When the item is moved to the workspace which is configure in the source from item not in the workspace
    EG: Dev_Branch code merged to the main branch, now main branch is taken for migration so we get conflict saying item is not mapped in the workspace. In this case result was, that item will be added as new item.
For information on this please go to issue 24102.

Chandra V.

LeonhardFischl wrote Jul 23, 2014 at 7:50 PM

Hello together,

some days ago I had a similar issue between TFS 2010 and TFS 2013 - it seemed to work fine but than the tool breaks with unknown Errors....
So I´ve cheked any other ways to do this stuff with the current tool (Release March 2012).

Synchronization between TFS 2010 and other Team Projects or Team Project Collections on TFS 2010 worked as expacted.
So, your issue should be solvable by the current version.

Maybe you have to use the full qualified domain name (FQDN) when you configure the tool.
Additionally your (database) server which you entered while installing the tool should know each domains as well as each TFS 2010 server you need and should be able to access the databases.
Check the SQL Server Logins on each server - your current account (Windows credencials) should also get rights to read each side.

Probably your issue has already been solved :)

See you
Leonhard F.