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Compiling with Visual Studio 2013 installed


Anyone have any insight?

Currently I have the following installed:
Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2013

I am opening and attempting to compile this project in Visual Studio 2010.

When I open this project and get it correctly configured, every TFS11 project is automatically upgrading it's TFS references to version 12 (instead of version 11). I do not understand this "automatic" upgrade since the version 12 assemblies are dependent on the 4.0 framework, and the rest of this project (including all of it's references), are based on the 2.0 framework. When you try to add a 4.0 framework reference to a 2.0 (3.5) framework project, the reference fails (obviously).

I have tried to manually copy out the TFS11 assemblies into a \Binaries\Internal\TFS2012 folder, and manually reference them there, but the reference is always upgraded to the V12 copy in the GAC.

Anyone got any insight? I have thus far searched in vain to locate a .Config setting that is causing this (<bindingRedirect ...).