Compiling with Visual Studio 2013 installed

Anyone have any insight? Currently I have the following installed: Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio 2010 Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 I am opening and attempting to compile this pro...

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TFS Integration Tool Issue about Work Item

Hello I am a software configuration Manager and I am a TFS administrator. Currently, I have used the TFS Integration tool to migrate the work items from one team project to another team project. T...

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Issue with migrating 'WI' using 'TFS migration tool' when trying migrate from '2013 to 2013'

Hi , Our final destination is to migrate projects from TFS-2010 to TFS-2013, for testing and familiarizing the migration tool we trying to migrate project between within the 2013 server and betwee...

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Unable to build the TFS Integration Tool from the code shared

We have downloaded the source code from -> "Files" tab (assuming this is the latest code). There were lot of build errors in that solution. ...

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Compatibility with TFS 2013?

Is this compatible with TFS 2013? I would like to 'merge' existing work on one TFS 2013 instance to another, new TFS 2013 instance.

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New feature: option to bring original date/time in comment for WI and source control

Currently, when the TFS Integration Platform creates Work Item or Source from existing one, it does not indicate the original date/time in comment. But when you want to "move" Work Item or Source f...

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Source Code without history

Can we use the Integration Platform to move source code without history? When I tried doing that the tool said "session completed successfully" even though there were no files migrated. My theory i...

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Input string not is correct format while using TFS Integration tools

Hi there, I am using TFS Integration Tools 2012 March release to migrate the source control from one branch to another. However, all the source control repository from Branch 1 is migrated to Bran...

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Project migration over collection

Dear support, I'm using TFS Integration tool for project migration into another collection. The target project is already pre-created but is empty. But eventually I see that only some folders wer...

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Migrate (copy) hosted TFS 2012 to local TFS 2012

I see the question was posted by another user as well, but without an answer. But, we are in the same situation: we did some development with hosted TFS 2012, but for business reasons are compelle...

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