TFS Integration Tool Issue about Work Item

Hello I am a software configuration Manager and I am a TFS administrator. Currently, I have used the TFS Integration tool to migrate the work items from one team project to another team project. T...

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Issue with migrating 'WI' using 'TFS migration tool' when trying migrate from '2013 to 2013'

Hi , Our final destination is to migrate projects from TFS-2010 to TFS-2013, for testing and familiarizing the migration tool we trying to migrate project between within the 2013 server and betwee...

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Unable to build the TFS Integration Tool from the code shared

We have downloaded the source code from -> "Files" tab (assuming this is the latest code). There were lot of build errors in that solution. ...

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Compatibility with TFS 2013?

Is this compatible with TFS 2013? I would like to 'merge' existing work on one TFS 2013 instance to another, new TFS 2013 instance.

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New feature: option to bring original date/time in comment for WI and source control

Currently, when the TFS Integration Platform creates Work Item or Source from existing one, it does not indicate the original date/time in comment. But when you want to "move" Work Item or Source f...

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Source Code without history

Can we use the Integration Platform to move source code without history? When I tried doing that the tool said "session completed successfully" even though there were no files migrated. My theory i...

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Input string not is correct format while using TFS Integration tools

Hi there, I am using TFS Integration Tools 2012 March release to migrate the source control from one branch to another. However, all the source control repository from Branch 1 is migrated to Bran...

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Project migration over collection

Dear support, I'm using TFS Integration tool for project migration into another collection. The target project is already pre-created but is empty. But eventually I see that only some folders wer...

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Migrate (copy) hosted TFS 2012 to local TFS 2012

I see the question was posted by another user as well, but without an answer. But, we are in the same situation: we did some development with hosted TFS 2012, but for business reasons are compelle...

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Migration from TFS 2012 to 2013

Does the tool support migration of linked work items from TFS 2012 to 2013 or for that matter from one team project in tfs2013 to another team project in tfs2013? Please help. Thanks, Vishwanath

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