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Community Projects

There aren't yet any community projects built on the TFS Integration Platform - but don't let that stop you from creating one!

Creating a New Project

There are still many systems which do not yet have migration and integration tools for TFS. If you've ended up here, you probably have a need for one of these tools - and if you're reading this, that tool probably doesn't exist yet. If you are planning to begin developing a tool, we strongly encourage you to consider creating a CodePlex project so that others in the community can contribute and give feedback.

Contributions should add sound value to the TFS integration tooling ecosystem and serve customers needs. Anyone wishing to contribute should be committed to a high quality bar and take responsibility for their code. We are interested in helping teams who wish to participate in building a healthy ecosystem of migration and synchronization tools for TFS and are prepared to support efforts that we deem in the best interest of the community by offering:
  • Direct support from the TFS Integration Platform development team
  • Help in recruiting developers to work on the project by evangelizing through various communication channels
  • Recognition on community sites, such as the Team System Rangers site
  • Opportunities to provide feedback directly to the TFS product group
  • For complete solutions, links to the project on the official TFS Migration and Integration Solutions site

Please contact one of the project coordinators on the People page if you are interested in starting a new tooling effort.

Couldn't find the solution you were looking for?

If you're looking for a particular tool to connect TFS to a particular system, and it isn't listed here, please go to the Issue Tracker and vote on the work item for that system. If there isn't a work item for the system you need a solution for, please create a new work item to track that request. Community feedback on the needs for migration and integration tools is essential to helping our team and our partners prioritize the development of new solutions, so please let us know what you need!

A few of the TFS partners have created migration tools for some of the more popular competitor systems. You can find a listing of these partner solutions on the TFS Migration and Integration Solutions page

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