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Limitations and Known Issues

  • Labels are not detected in the analysis phase. This is by design. However, if a label operation is added to the migration queue during the analysis phase, it will be migrated.
  • WIT systems that do not support file attachments and links must still implement the IMigrationFileAttachment and IMigrationLinkOperation interfaces. Returning an empty collection is a possible work around, but TFS must be the master system (to avoid overwriting the attachments with an empty collection).
  • The Toolkit cannot migrate work items with SERVERDEFAULT from=”clock”/> rules. All types containing such rules must disable the rules for the account that will run the migration tool. An example of this change is shown below.
    • <SERVERDEFAULT from=”clock” not=”DOMAIN\jsmith”/>
  • The TextReport adaptor must be given a file with a path under the <File> node. Failure to supply a path will result in an error. To place the text report file in the working directory, the following text can be used:
    • <File>.\Report.txt</File>

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