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Migration Console

To run the MigrationConsole application

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the application file (MigrationConsole\bin\Debug)
  3. Run the tool using the following syntax
    • MigrationConsole <path to SampleConfig.xml>

Note: If there are dependencies on other DLL’s (linking engine, etc), these DLLs must be copied into the working directory.


The following are the settings that are specific to the MigrationConsole host process. They can be specified in the configuration file.

Setting Effect
WarrningsAsErrors Calls TraceError for each call to TraceWarning.
AbortOnError Throws an MigrationException for each call to TraceError.
ShowMethodDetails Determines whether Entered and Exit information is logged about methods.
Mode Determines how converter is run (service or one time).

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