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Version Control Settings

The following table lists the optional Settings that can be specified in the config files under VC settings node. These settings include settings for the Toolkit and the WSS reference implementation tool.

Setting Effect
RetryLimit Defines how many times BatchingContext will attempt to reconnect to TFS in the event of a RepositoryNotFoundException. Sets the default for the number of times the MigrationEngine will retry after a VersionControlMigrationException.
RetryDelaySeconds Defines the number of seconds between retries of BatchingContext flush for RepositoryNotFoundException. Defines the number of seconds between retries of MigrationEngine VersionControlException.
MigrationChangeCommentModifier The string that is appended to the comment of migrated changes.
AddItemNotFound Changes an action to 'Add' if the item is not found on Tfs server.
TargetWorkspaceComment The string that is used as the workspace comment when the toolkit creates a workspace in TFS.
SleepTime Number of seconds to wait between full VC synchronizations when the migration is running in service mode.
SkipChangeComment The string that determines if a changeset is skipped in migration.
UseSlotmodeMappings Determines whether items deleted from TFS will be included in migration.

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